Member's Page

The Probus Club of Nantwich

(Founded 1971)

Constitution and Rules


1.  Title. The Club shall be called “The Probus Club of Nantwich”

2.  Purpose. The purpose of the club is to provide for regular meetings of retired professional and businessmen, thus giving its members opportunities for increasing their social contacts and for meeting others in like circumstances.

3.  Authority. The Club shall be independent of any other organisation and its affairs shall be conducted under the authority of its own membership.

4.  Membership. Membership shall be open to all business and professional men aged sixty or over, resident in Nantwich and neighbourhood, who have fully or partially retired.

      The restriction regarding age and residence may be waived at the discretion of the Committee.

      An applicant for membership shall be proposed and seconded by existing members at an ordinary meeting for consideration by the Committee and the membership. Any objection from an existing member or members shall be notified to the President within 14 days of the original proposal.

      Any member leaving the neighbourhood may retain his membership for a period not exceeding twelve months.

The total membership of the Club shall not normally exceed 60. Any excess must be authorised by the Committee and be of a temporary nature only.

Honorary Membership may be awarded to persons, including past members, who have rendered valuable services to the Club. Such members will not count towards the membership limitation of 60, nor will they be entitled to vote or hold office in the Club. The number of Honorary Members will be restricted to 5. Any proposals for appointment to Honorary Membership must be approved by the Committee and endorsed by two thirds majority at an Annual or Special General Meeting.

Members with a minimum of 5 years membership, who, through age or disability, only attend Meetings very infrequently and do not wish to resign, will after a year’s nonattendance, be notified that they are to be transferred onto a ‘Inactive Members List’. Members on the Inactive List will not count towards the Membership limitation of 60 nor pay the Annual Subscription. Should they subsequently be able to return to normal membership they can give notice of intent and return to active membership without the normal induction process and upon payment of the Annual Subscription.

5.  Constitution. The officers of the Club shall be a President, Vice-President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Speaker Secretary and the affairs of the Club shall be managed by a Committee consisting of these five officers and the immediate Past President.


  All officers - with exception of the President shall - be elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting and assume office on 1st April each year. An Honorary Auditor for the coming year will also be appointed. The retiring Vice-President will automatically assume the post of President for the coming year. No member other than the Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer shall serve on the Committee for more than three years.

   Three members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum.  The Committee shall have powers to co-opt additional members, to appoint sub-committees, and to fill vacancies on the Committee (arising from resignation or other causes), such appointments being effective until the next Annual General Meeting. 

6. Meetings. Ordinary meetings of the Club will normally be held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.  Advance notice of the next meeting will be given by the Honorary Secretary at each meeting.

   An Annual General Meeting shall be held in March each year, at a time and place determined by the Committee. At least two weeks’ notice of each meeting shall be given orally to members.

   On the written request of not less than six members, the Honorary Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting, and shall give members at least two weeks’ notice of such meeting.

Voting at all meetings shall be by a show of hands or by ballot if so determined. In the event of an equal division of votes the President shall have a casting vote.

A quorum for the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting shall be one third of the membership of the Club.

7.   Subscriptions The subscription for each coming year shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting after receiving the Treasurer’s Report.

     Subscriptions shall be payable at the first meeting in April each year. Prolonged failure to pay without valid reason, will lead to loss of membership.

8.   Accounts.  A Receipts and Payments Account for the period to the end of February each year shall be prepared and presented by the Honorary Treasurer for acceptance at the Annual General Meeting.  The account will be audited before presentation by the member appointed as Auditor.

9.   Alteration of Rules.  Alteration of these rules may be made only at the Annual General Meeting, and any alteration proposed shall require a voting majority equal to at least two thirds of the members in attendance subject to a minimum of twenty members.



Adopted AGM 22nd March 2022